Tech Tips

Here are some tips we find we are regularly able to give to people to improve how they work with technology:

  • Whois Lookup – Is the domain address I want available?
  • Strong Password Generator
  • How To Clear Your Browsers Cache
    It’s really important to clear your cache often so that you dont fill up your pc with temporary internet files.
    Read more about it here:  Clear your browser cache
  • Open Office
    If you dont want to have to install MS Office there is a free Open Source version. It’s a good alternative for word processing etc and is compatible with MS file types. alternative downloads here is a good alternative to MS Office and Open Office. It is constantly updated and has a large community that is involved in its development.
  • How To Take a Screenshot
    This tutorial teaches you how to screencap an image or a file you need.
  • Greenshot is an awesome screenshot tool for your PC.
  • In Facebook Messenger if your logo does not show up in the chat you can go here to fix

Tips on Good Hosting

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When researching web hosting many people fail to recognise that in fact not all hosting is the same. Hosting is the essential link between your website and the internet, but can often become baffling and confusing.  There are three things that you need to care about when looking at finding a good host for your website: stability, security and value.


Technical Tutoring

We also offer one on one technical tutoring for anyone who needs to have some guidance with Microsoft, Adobe, Open Source and Apple products.