Optimise images for your Website

Take the time to read this page if your are planning to upload all of your photos. An optimised image can help make your website load faster.

We have links below to teach you how to optimise an image for web use.

Using Photoshop:

Using Photoshop Elements:

Using GIMP (Graphical Image Manipulation Program)

Using JPEGMini:

  • How to use JPEGmini web (This is recommended for websites that occasionally or seldom update their photos . Web version is 100% free)
  • How to use JPEGmini software (Recommended for businesses that regularly update blogs and online stores. A free software version is also available for this option.)

How to Optimise images for wordpress:

Premium Tools (Where to download/get them)

  • Adobe Photoshop is still the best software to edit, enhance, resize and optimise your web images.
  • Adobe Fireworks probably one of the best and easiest tool to use for image optimisation out there.
  • Photoshop Elements is Adobe’s easy to use software for editing and enhancing your images.

Free Image editor Tools

  • GIMP (Graphical image manipulation program) is an open-source software you can use to edit,
    resize, and/or optimise your images.
  • Pixlr can be used online or offline. They have a free option where you can use to edit your images.
  • JPEGmini can optimise your photos without losing their original quality.